The Debate To Pay For Exposure


Developing artists should work hard for every bit of exposure they receive as they grow within their craft. However, today’s bastion of social media networks has created the opportunity to present yourself to the public in a variety of ways with the simple click of a few buttons. What has occurred is the growth of social media professionals who claim they will be able to give you more exposure and promotion than available through your own wiles. As a developing personality, you may have a limited amount of resources to dedicate to your career. So that leaves the question: should you pay for exposure?

For those who may not be aware, online exposure is the promotion of your company or career to the masses of individuals who peruse the World Wide Web on a daily basis. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and others allow you to present yourselves to your interested foundation of followers. Exposure will also put you in front of potential media outlets that can give you additional coverage of your career. The whole goal of an effective exposure strategy is to create new opportunities that would be out of range if the public was not aware of you and your actions.

online-exposureWhile it can be a slow an arduous process, an individual can develop an effective exposure strategy that pushes their product/skills to a large group of people. It’s that long term step which turns most away and towards the instant access that can come with these online promotion groups. For varying fees these groups are willing to post your music, movies, pictures or whatever else makes you “you” for their viewing public to partake. The hopes of such a practice are that you can catch the eye of an important individual in your industry that will open up doors for your success. Sounds like a great deal, but before paying for such services, there is some research that you should do.

• Review the followers that these groups that companies claim to have. Many groups are purchasing “likes” and groups of followers and while their numbers may be high, this isn’t an accurate representation of real people they interact with. If the company is RT’ing and posting your information for fake profiles, then you really aren’t getting any exposure that is worth the payment.

• Develop your own social media exposure campaign. Many of the avenues that these companies are using are free to access. If you develop your own campaign you can build a solid foundation that will spread your work through a variety of avenues. Hash tag trending topics, blog syndication outlets and network groups

• When talking with these companies, get as much information as you can about their foundation and develop feasible expectations. This is your career that you’re financing so you want to make sure you are getting the most out of their services. If you do not see reasonable results, either try to renegotiate or step away from the pay to promote services.

Paying for promotion does have its pluses and minuses, as with any opportunity within the business world. Before giving these social media and online experts your money, do some research on their company and services because you may be able to do just as good of a job, if not better, than they are when promoting your career. No one is going to take as much of an interest in your development than you will so it’s important to take that to heart.


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