Client Management 101


The development of one’s career within the entertainment industry is a painstaking process that requires time, knowledge, experience and a host of other qualities unknown to many. With so much talent in the world it often takes the assistance of particular individuals to point those people towards the right opportunities while keeping them ahead of the pack. That is where the client – manager relationship comes in and it’s something that is much more complex than many even know.

Look around in today’s entertainment world and you will see a number of big names that have risen to superstardom. Multimillionaires are shaped in music, sports, movies and television on what seems to be a daily basis. As the public adores these people and fawns over their every lifestyle, they often forget to look behind them to see who is assisting in their rise to fame. That is where the manager comes into the picture.

As the name implies, the manager is a professional whose sole goal is to manage various aspects of the personality’s career. In doing so, they are charged with helping create various opportunities that may have not be present before while helping the client develop a set of goals that will equate to longevity in their industry. It’s their duty to provide a sense of direction when at times it is easy to get swept up into the river of loss potential and become yet another sad “True Hollywood Story.”

Unfortunately, the client – manager relationship has been perverted in some ways that need immediate attention. Instead of trained professionals with the connections and know-how to help develop these talented musicians, actors and others; we have seen a rise of people who simply have free time, a cell phone and computer calling themselves managers and trying to do business in someone else’s name. All the while they are ruining the reputation of said person while looking like a fool along the way.

The misunderstanding between the client – manager relationship is a multifaceted problem that can be addressed by taking precautionary steps:

• When looking for a manager, do your research. This is an individual that you are entrusting with the responsibility of developing your career for a period of time. This isn’t a job that just anyone can do but takes a level of responsibility and experience everyone does not have.

• Talk to their current and previous clients. Get a better understanding of what they have done for others in the past. Don’t take in all the good or the bad; however listen for anything that could be considered a red flag or seal the deal in your professional opinion.

• Check their credentials. This may seem simple but if you’re dealing with individuals who do not have certain foundations in place such as a business listing, official website or references then that may not be the person you want directing your career.

• Know that while you have a manager, that doesn’t mean you can’t take charge of your career. Show the onus to continue developing and you will not only make your job easier, but theirs at the same time.

In the end, management is an important part of the industry that many personalities do need to take advantage of; especially as they become bigger within their field. Proper direction and that outside voice are just some of the benefits of working with an experienced individual who should be there to help you just as you would help yourself.


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