Client Management 201


In the entertainment industry managers and clients have a very close relationship. The manager is in place to direct the individual’s career while pushing them away from those that aren’t the best to work with. Still, there are those who would wish to circumvent this partnership for their own gain.

As a management firm it is our duty, along with the others in this industry, to protect our clients from individuals or groups who are looking to take advantage of the client’s looks or talents.

At the highest level of the entertainment world many of the top business firms make formal requests for client services by reaching out to the managers of those who have their interest. From there the conversation begins around the details of the booking and specifics that are expected on both ends of the deal. This is the proper way that business is completed to ensure that all parties have their needs met in the end.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the way that all individuals will try to do business. Some groups will work hard to circumvent the partnership that managers and clients have in place in hopes to get over on the talent. This means taking such steps as refusing to talk to managers or hiring personalities only if they are not signed to a firm that provides managerial services. This practice is very common at the lower levels of the entertainment industry by groups that are looking to get the most while giving the least, if anything at all.

When approached by these “opportunities” the talent should immediately turn away from the problems that will come down the line.

First, taking such a deal will harm the relationship between the manager and the client. If the client is ready to cut the manager out of the deal, especially if it stems from their hard work, that shows that the longevity of their partnership is at risk.

Second, if a group is willing to try to get you to work without the proper representation, it is clear they are under valuing your talents and trying to cheat you out of your overall worth. Often times they would like for you to agree to an excessive amount of work in exchange for “exposure” when in fact they should be willing to pay for your services. If they are willing to go to such lengths to keep the discussion away from your legally bound manager, what other lows would they be willing to stoop to while working with you?

Having a manager is an important relationship that is meant to further your career and keep the leeches away. Those that wish to conduct business in a fashion that is not forthcoming and direct should be avoided. Jumping at every opportunity isn’t the best practice and in the end will do more harm than long term good.

For more information about the management services available with the R&B Management Group check out our services page.


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