The Art of Self Promotion


A few weeks ago we at the R&B Management Group released a blog post about the debate of paying for promotion. While its understandable that some individuals have the budget in place to pay for the practice, there are those that would rather do it on their own to stay more hands on. Today, we’re going to look at some best practices for how to self promote yourself closer to relevancy.

One must first understand that self promotion is different from being a town crier or constantly patting yourself on the back. Instead, you’re letting the world know exactly what you are working on while informing about your skills and talents. When done correctly you can develop your brand into an expert within whatever industry you would like to focus on. As you build that following the growth of opportunities should follow.

Social media is the best tool to use when it comes to promoting your brand. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram are built with the sole purpose of letting others know what is going on in your life. Daily updates of progress will keep people who wish to observe from a distance informed about what you are doing. These platforms also give you the opportunity to interact with those who have built themselves up into leaders, which can open the doors to new opportunities down the line in your career.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between promoting and spamming. Sending unsolicited Facebook messages or Twitter mentions to individuals who aren’t looking for your services or talents will quickly anger the masses. You may have a great message or talent, but that will not stop them from reporting your post as spam, blocking you or even worse embarrassing you on social media. It’s good to be aggressive, but going too hard may have negative effects that you don’t want to deal with.

Flooding people’s time lines is another mistake that self promoters often make. Instead of posts that are the exact same across multiple profiles at once, learn the art of three to five posts throughout the day during high usage arcs on social media. Posting relevant and interesting content throughout the day is much more effective than overloading the platform with the same message multiple times a day. Think of the kid in grade school who used to shout the answer the loudest when the teacher was looking for a volunteer. That person may have been the loudest, but it doesn’t mean they were always correct.

Self promotion is now at everyone’s fingertips, but with that ability comes a need for great responsibility. As you work to develop your career, take the time to learn some of these best practices when you look to push your brand to the masses. We at the R&B Management Group can help you do so and for more information check out our company website.


Some Rules for the Business World


As with every walk of life, the business world has a set of standards that one must adhere to in order to reach some level of respect and success. Some individuals may subscribe to the idea of “changing the rules” or “doing things their own way” but the fact still reminds that we all have to play a particular level of the game in order to be taken seriously when conducting business. Unfortunately, some individuals do not understand the idea of good business, which results in them missing leads that could turn into great opportunities.

When we talk about good business there are a few practices that should be expected as standard by those within this community:

  • Responding to messages: today’s business world moves at a very fast pace and its only going to pick up speed. With that in mind, we will receive multiple emails and voice mails throughout the day. However, some individuals do not practice the best etiquette and let those messages go unanswered for extended periods of time. Doing so can cause multiple people to miss out on the opportunities for success that could have came with a timely response to the message.
  • Being afraid to say no: Just because an opportunity comes your way, doesn’t mean its the right one for you. Saying “no” will not cause an international incident or the shut down of all life. Instead, it closes a door that may be opened at a later date or should just flat remain open. Often times people are too afraid to politely turn down a request and instead ignore the asking party which creates a sense of resentment and shows a lack of business respect.
  • Ask with gratitude: When you approach someone in the business world for any reason: networking, inquiries or topic questions – be sure to do so in a respectful way that will make the person want to help you. The way you tailor your message will either result in a bond that can help lead you towards success or just one more individual that will be reminded to never do business with you in the future. Asking for this person’s time is asking for a major favor so do so in kind.

These are just a few pointers of how one should conduct themselves in the business world. While they aren’t the only factor that will determine success – they can help when forming the bonds and partnerships that can get you there.

The Great Idea


Everyone knows the feeling that comes when a great idea hits them. The sensation of “yeah…..that would be a GREAT idea!” and the realization that your “idea” is actually worth following through. But what do you do after that moment? Most people just rest on their hands until that great idea becomes nothing more than a fading memory. Then there are those that act on the moment and that is where the magic occurs. So, how do you move away from being like person A and become more like person B? Here are some steps to do just that:

Write the idea down. Some people will call ideas butterflies; meaning the minute you try to reach out and grab them, they will fly away – never to return. Great ideas are easily forgotten; no matter how many times it comes back to you. The best way to avoid this problem is by writing it down in some form or fashion. That can include keeping a notebook handy at all times or even sending yourself a quick text or email. Make use of that smart phone that you carry around everywhere and keep a hold of that great idea!

Research the idea. Spend time doing a Google search to see if someone has come up with the same idea. Sometimes we may think that our idea is so original, when in reality it is nothing more than a cheap knock off of what someone else has done. Search the Internet to see what you find to make sure that your idea is new or at least different enough to be a viable project.

Bounce the idea off of someone you trust. The someone you trust part is vital to this step. You want to make sure that you haven’t fallen in love with your idea simply because it’s something that you came up with. Get feedback from a person, IE mentor or best friend, that will not steal your idea but will instead help you build it out from there.

Start slow but make progress. This is important because many people think that they have a great idea that’s going to explode right out of the gate. While that may occur, most projects take slow growth before gaining any real steam. Plan out your steps and do the best you can to make one a day, week, month or year. As long as forward progress is being made your great idea will eventually become a great “thing.”

The R&B Management Group can help you develop these great ideas with our business consulting services. Check out our services page for more information on exactly how we can do so and the experience we’ve had in the past.

Effective Promotion 101


When it comes to management services, there are a number of different areas in which a firm such as the R&B Management Group can help their clients. The need for promotion has become an increasing required service to help clients reach out to potential followers and consumers of their idea or project. Yet, with so much being promoted across the online world today one must be open to thinking outside of the box when it comes to promotion.

For those who don’t know, the practice of promotion both online and offline is used to bring eyes back to the clients project or services. This isn’t the same as advertising as many have moved away from the idea of purchasing traditional advertising opportunities. With so many free options available online, personalities are now moving towards platforms such as social media to spread awareness about what they are doing in the industry. Still, that doesn’t mean that everyone is being effective in their approach.

When promoting online it is important to take the approach that you’re talking to someone with the hopes they will pay attention to you. Unprofessional spamming is one example of how companies and personalities are incorrectly promoting their work online. Sending unsolicited messages and mentions to “listen to this” can result in your profile being blocked or reported as spam. Multiple messages from different profiles with the same exact wording seems uninteresting and can result in the same outcome. Just as the most effective ad campaigns are memorable in some sort of way, promoting projects or services must be done in the same fashion to draw and keep the attention of those in the target demographic.

In working with a consulting firm such as the R&B Management Group, we can help you develop a promotional strategy that will help you become more relevant in your industry. The goal is to let people know what you are doing while creating a pipeline of potential consumers. Allow us to help you develop such a plan and implement it into your marketing and public relations strategy.

For more information about how the R&B Management Group can help you, review our services here.