Some Rules for the Business World


As with every walk of life, the business world has a set of standards that one must adhere to in order to reach some level of respect and success. Some individuals may subscribe to the idea of “changing the rules” or “doing things their own way” but the fact still reminds that we all have to play a particular level of the game in order to be taken seriously when conducting business. Unfortunately, some individuals do not understand the idea of good business, which results in them missing leads that could turn into great opportunities.

When we talk about good business there are a few practices that should be expected as standard by those within this community:

  • Responding to messages: today’s business world moves at a very fast pace and its only going to pick up speed. With that in mind, we will receive multiple emails and voice mails throughout the day. However, some individuals do not practice the best etiquette and let those messages go unanswered for extended periods of time. Doing so can cause multiple people to miss out on the opportunities for success that could have came with a timely response to the message.
  • Being afraid to say no: Just because an opportunity comes your way, doesn’t mean its the right one for you. Saying “no” will not cause an international incident or the shut down of all life. Instead, it closes a door that may be opened at a later date or should just flat remain open. Often times people are too afraid to politely turn down a request and instead ignore the asking party which creates a sense of resentment and shows a lack of business respect.
  • Ask with gratitude: When you approach someone in the business world for any reason: networking, inquiries or topic questions – be sure to do so in a respectful way that will make the person want to help you. The way you tailor your message will either result in a bond that can help lead you towards success or just one more individual that will be reminded to never do business with you in the future. Asking for this person’s time is asking for a major favor so do so in kind.

These are just a few pointers of how one should conduct themselves in the business world. While they aren’t the only factor that will determine success – they can help when forming the bonds and partnerships that can get you there.


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