The Art of Self Promotion


A few weeks ago we at the R&B Management Group released a blog post about the debate of paying for promotion. While its understandable that some individuals have the budget in place to pay for the practice, there are those that would rather do it on their own to stay more hands on. Today, we’re going to look at some best practices for how to self promote yourself closer to relevancy.

One must first understand that self promotion is different from being a town crier or constantly patting yourself on the back. Instead, you’re letting the world know exactly what you are working on while informing about your skills and talents. When done correctly you can develop your brand into an expert within whatever industry you would like to focus on. As you build that following the growth of opportunities should follow.

Social media is the best tool to use when it comes to promoting your brand. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram are built with the sole purpose of letting others know what is going on in your life. Daily updates of progress will keep people who wish to observe from a distance informed about what you are doing. These platforms also give you the opportunity to interact with those who have built themselves up into leaders, which can open the doors to new opportunities down the line in your career.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between promoting and spamming. Sending unsolicited Facebook messages or Twitter mentions to individuals who aren’t looking for your services or talents will quickly anger the masses. You may have a great message or talent, but that will not stop them from reporting your post as spam, blocking you or even worse embarrassing you on social media. It’s good to be aggressive, but going too hard may have negative effects that you don’t want to deal with.

Flooding people’s time lines is another mistake that self promoters often make. Instead of posts that are the exact same across multiple profiles at once, learn the art of three to five posts throughout the day during high usage arcs on social media. Posting relevant and interesting content throughout the day is much more effective than overloading the platform with the same message multiple times a day. Think of the kid in grade school who used to shout the answer the loudest when the teacher was looking for a volunteer. That person may have been the loudest, but it doesn’t mean they were always correct.

Self promotion is now at everyone’s fingertips, but with that ability comes a need for great responsibility. As you work to develop your career, take the time to learn some of these best practices when you look to push your brand to the masses. We at the R&B Management Group can help you do so and for more information check out our company website.


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