Follow These Leaders On Twitter


The advent of social media has continued to impact the business world. Customers now have more opportunities to reach their favorite companies; while firms have the ability to seem more “personable” with their clients. Twitter has become one of the most valuable options for both groups as its user base continues to grow each day. Looking at the way influencers can inspire and impact, these are some of the top personalities and companies that you should follow on Twitter:

Addicted to Success: @Addictd2Success

A platform that offers non-stop motivational tips and thoughts, Addicted to Success is a valuable resource for those looking for that push to keep going. The platform offers advice, notes and recounts from some of the most successful personalities in various facets of the business world.

Sean Gardner: @2morrowknight

Sean Gardner was listed as the top social media power influencer of 2013 by Forbes Magazine. Sean is also a writer for the Huffington Post but his Twitter feed is often filled with material that will inspire any aspiring business person.

Twitter2Forbes Magazine: @Forbes

With that in mind, Forbes Magazine is also one of the most important Twitter handles to follow as well. This magazine presents some of the best information available in the business world today. Their magazine provides a wealth of information across various areas of business that would be worth a read for the new professional, someone entrenched in their career or anyone trying to make it as an entrepreneur.

The Branding Muse: @BrandingMuse

A growing firm, The Branding Muse is a developing firm that is tackling teaching young adults, students and entrepreneurs the value of developing a personal brand. Along with their founder Emmelie De La Cruz (@HerMusings) this outlet is becoming a must follow for those looking to learn how to separate themselves from the pack.

Entrepreneur Magazine @EntMagazine 

Perhaps one of the most important resources available for both growing and established entrepreneurs; this Twitter handle offers non-stop information for those interested in the world of working for themselves.

If you’re taking your social media presence seriously, these Twitter handles should be among your must follows from this point out. It’s not always how or what you post through social media; but who you interact with is just as valuable.


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