The Business of Branding

Branding2In the world of promotion and marketing there is a particular buzz word that has been getting thrown around quite a bit. That term “branding” as it has become known, is vital in helping you build a following that can assist you in your development as a personality or a company. The thing is, no one really knows that they are an expert in the field, until they have a better understanding of exactly what it is. That is one way the R&B Management Group can help you in your career quest.

Whether you know it or not, you know what branding is. Want examples? Think of your favorite fast food place. Think of your favorite line of clothes. All of these are brands that have become famous with large followings and customer bases. You may think that since you’re a small company or just an individual that means you won’t have to worry about branding. That thought process is actually completely incorrect. Your brand is your reputation and it is your job and your job only to manage that reputation to the utmost levels.

BrandingThanks to social media there are so many different ways to leave an impression with everyone that you come across. Everything from a Twitter handle name, to a profile picture to a controversial post will affect that type of brand that you present to the public. What’s even more interesting is that more and more employers will begin to Google prospective hires to get a better idea of who this person is. Whatever they find will be used for or against them in some fashion. That’s something worth thinking about when posting the pictures from last Friday’s birthday party or sharing a controversial conversation for everyone to see.

During the next few weeks the R&B Management Group will offer some detailed steps in how to identify, develop, promote and prosper from your own personal brand. Whether you are an event management company, fashion designer or professional athlete; you will benefit from learning more about brand development from the R&B Management Group.


Social Media Transparency

social-media-seo-logosAs always at the R&B Management Group we preach the importance of social media and how it is used to interact with the world around you. Companies can engage potential clients, stars can talk to their biggest fans and customers can gain better overall service through the quick posts that can be placed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other outlets like it. We’re continuing to take a look at some of the best practices that are available with these mediums and this week we’re taking a look at the idea of transparency via social media.

The word “exclusive” immediately draws attention whenever it’s used in the world of business. Whether it’s a look at a new product or behind the scenes access to a new show; fans tend to eat up the content with the hopes of being more in the know than others. With the ability to better engage users and followers across these outlets, companies can use their social media profiles to be transparent in a completely new fashion.

For example, popular movie stars are now turning towards their YouTube or Instagram channels to give fans access behind the scenes as new projects are filmed. P. Diddy used his Instagram channel to promote the launch of his new platform Revolt TV, by giving his followers access to some of the development meetings via videos and images. Before the channel was even launched the brand for the project had already been established with such a major social media effort.

transparentSmaller companies can also do the same to build brand awareness while giving followers access to information that isn’t “public” knowledge – no matter how easy it may be to obtain. Companies can livestream events such as investors announcements or even an upcoming holiday party. Introducing new employees through social media outlets also give them the power to let the world know who’s working where within the organization.

Transparency is a major turn on in various facets of the world. With the ability to immediately gain access to nearly anyone or anything through social media venues, companies and personalities can now present themselves as transparent brands for the world to see.

If you need help on creating a social media campaign that will help you not only improve your level of transparency along with better engage your clients, reach out to us at the R&B Management Group for more information.

Crowdfunding For The Rest Of Us

There’s one hurdle that causes many entrepreneurs and start-ups to stumble before they are really out of the gates. It’s the F word that makes many shudder: funding. Any major project will need a source of funding to spring itself off of while in its initial phases and those that don’t have it are usually left by the wayside. However, the wave of crowd funding efforts have truly began to provide those without that boost to find a way to keep up in the game.

Crowd funding is known as the practice where individuals come together to network and pool their money towards a particular goal. While this isn’t a new method of raising money; it’s really kicked off in recent years due to the availability of resources via the Internet. Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have created the opportunity for “regular” business people to request funds in such a way that it makes chasing their goal exciting. Those who provide financial assistance also receive some type of benefit as they help that individual run after their dream.

In recent months the crowd funding practice has come under scrutiny by allowing already wealthy celebrities to receive “free money” for their pet projects; but in the world of business an entrepreneur isn’t defined by the size of their bank account. The fact that these big names have even begun using platforms such as Kickstarter have helped them gain more attention and more exposure to those in need of its services. In the end, it’s been a benefit more than a burden.

So if you find yourself mulling around a strong idea that requires some sort of financial cushion before starting, don’t sell yourself short when you realize it can not be fit into your budget. Instead, opt to throw your hat into the crowd funding campaign. Not only will you give yourself a chance to complete your project but you will gain a new group of supporters along the way.

For more information about how the R&B Management Group can help you with your crowd funding needs please contact us at

The Good and Bad Neighborhoods of Business

goodneightboorhoodParents often remind their children that they should be careful when selecting the friends that they hang around. The saying “you are the friends that you keep” rings true both in the personal and professional worlds. Those connections shine through in both positive and negative ways that are worth noting when rubbing elbows within your industry.

The Good Side of Town

Positive connections can open up opportunities within the business community that may have been missed without the right interactions. For example, if you’re a fashion designer looking to push your brand within a local boutique then you have to place yourself within the right circles to link with the owners/managers of the shop of interest. Networking in the right circles can open up doors that would originally stay closed. These positive connections will establish your brand in the areas that matter with your industry.

How do you build these connections? Simple research on local groups through services such as or other networking platforms will help. Many social groups and events lend themselves to positive networking which can help set up future success. All the while having a great time in the process.

The Bad Neighborhood

Congressman Hansen Hashem ClarkeAt the same time, there is a bad side of town that can come with networking. Linking your brand to organizations that do not have the greatest of reputations will harm your groups rapport as well. This is especially prevalent within areas of social media, which has become a major area of marketing. These connections can keep some business opportunities out of your reach because organizations will not want to have their brand linked to the wrong groups.

Whether it is bad business practices or a frowned upon industry that has damage your company’s image, the first step is to realize the exact issue within your connections and work to change them. Being incorrectly branded because who you’re linked to is an easily correctable problem that can place you on the right track.

There are good and bad neighborhoods throughout the country. The same can be said about the business world and just like those that some may have grown up in; knowing how to navigate out of the bad neighborhood and into the better locales is a major step towards building a positive brand.

Look To The Competition

Competition1In business there will always be opportunities to learn something new. Whether it’s from taking a new class or learning from a mentor; there is always a new opportunity to add to your knowledge base. Yet, there is one area that is often overlooked when it comes to learning something new and that is from your assortment of competitors. The individuals or companies that give you the largest amount of resistance may also be your biggest influencer at the same time.

Competition has been proven to force people and groups to higher levels of performance. All one would have to do is to look at the professional sports world for numerous examples of when teams or players were faced with a nearly impossible foe. Some would fail while others would rise to the occasion to find a new way to win. That same mentality could be used in the business world for companies looking to get a leg up on their competition.

Whatever industry that you may be involved in there is always room to learn from your competitors. While many may consider this “copying” the fact of the matter is that if something is working there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be adapted into your business plan.

Competition2For example, in the music industry if a new producer becomes popular by making a number of hits for various artists, it’s a common practice that other artists will begin to reach out to said producer in hopes that he or she can recreate the magic for their next project. Whether it is the fashion, technology. financial or entertainment sector – there’s always a justifiable reason to watch what your competitors are doing to potentially catch onto a new tactic that could lead towards success. So major organizations even have dedicated staff members that do nothing else by watch what others are doing to help “keep up with the Jones.”

When looking for an opportunity to learn something new within the world of business do not be dismayed from looking towards your biggest forms of competition. Those who push you the hardest may also give you a new idea that leads to a major breakthrough within the industry.