The Good and Bad Neighborhoods of Business

goodneightboorhoodParents often remind their children that they should be careful when selecting the friends that they hang around. The saying “you are the friends that you keep” rings true both in the personal and professional worlds. Those connections shine through in both positive and negative ways that are worth noting when rubbing elbows within your industry.

The Good Side of Town

Positive connections can open up opportunities within the business community that may have been missed without the right interactions. For example, if you’re a fashion designer looking to push your brand within a local boutique then you have to place yourself within the right circles to link with the owners/managers of the shop of interest. Networking in the right circles can open up doors that would originally stay closed. These positive connections will establish your brand in the areas that matter with your industry.

How do you build these connections? Simple research on local groups through services such as or other networking platforms will help. Many social groups and events lend themselves to positive networking which can help set up future success. All the while having a great time in the process.

The Bad Neighborhood

Congressman Hansen Hashem ClarkeAt the same time, there is a bad side of town that can come with networking. Linking your brand to organizations that do not have the greatest of reputations will harm your groups rapport as well. This is especially prevalent within areas of social media, which has become a major area of marketing. These connections can keep some business opportunities out of your reach because organizations will not want to have their brand linked to the wrong groups.

Whether it is bad business practices or a frowned upon industry that has damage your company’s image, the first step is to realize the exact issue within your connections and work to change them. Being incorrectly branded because who you’re linked to is an easily correctable problem that can place you on the right track.

There are good and bad neighborhoods throughout the country. The same can be said about the business world and just like those that some may have grown up in; knowing how to navigate out of the bad neighborhood and into the better locales is a major step towards building a positive brand.


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