Social Media Transparency

social-media-seo-logosAs always at the R&B Management Group we preach the importance of social media and how it is used to interact with the world around you. Companies can engage potential clients, stars can talk to their biggest fans and customers can gain better overall service through the quick posts that can be placed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other outlets like it. We’re continuing to take a look at some of the best practices that are available with these mediums and this week we’re taking a look at the idea of transparency via social media.

The word “exclusive” immediately draws attention whenever it’s used in the world of business. Whether it’s a look at a new product or behind the scenes access to a new show; fans tend to eat up the content with the hopes of being more in the know than others. With the ability to better engage users and followers across these outlets, companies can use their social media profiles to be transparent in a completely new fashion.

For example, popular movie stars are now turning towards their YouTube or Instagram channels to give fans access behind the scenes as new projects are filmed. P. Diddy used his Instagram channel to promote the launch of his new platform Revolt TV, by giving his followers access to some of the development meetings via videos and images. Before the channel was even launched the brand for the project had already been established with such a major social media effort.

transparentSmaller companies can also do the same to build brand awareness while giving followers access to information that isn’t “public” knowledge – no matter how easy it may be to obtain. Companies can livestream events such as investors announcements or even an upcoming holiday party. Introducing new employees through social media outlets also give them the power to let the world know who’s working where within the organization.

Transparency is a major turn on in various facets of the world. With the ability to immediately gain access to nearly anyone or anything through social media venues, companies and personalities can now present themselves as transparent brands for the world to see.

If you need help on creating a social media campaign that will help you not only improve your level of transparency along with better engage your clients, reach out to us at the R&B Management Group for more information.


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