Business of Branding: Promoting Your Brand

Branding2During the month of November the R&B Management Group is focusing on the idea of branding to teach our readers and clients how to effectively identify, develop, promote and protect their brand. With this week’s post we are looking at effective strategies to use to promote your brand to potential customers and other influential personalities within your industry.

Developing a promotional strategy can be complex and simple at the same time. There are many different tools that are available to companies today at little to no cost that will help you push your brand to the masses with a few clicks of a button. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other media platforms give you access to the world from behind your computer or phone screen. These tools are simple to use, but the complexity comes into play when developing said strategy.

The trick is to use all of these platforms as a bridge to a central location where the interested party then becomes a client. For example, if you are a clothing outlet, your Instagram should show people wearing your clothing in everyday settings. Your Twitter and Facebook should drive conversations about your place in the fashion industry while pushing traffic back to your company website. Blogs and YouTube videos can also become integrated into this strategy as tools to build your authority in this specific area.

social-media-seo-logosBorrowing ideas is never a bad idea because nothing is truly new under the sun. However, it is important to always tailor your promotional strategy to fit your brand’s needs. This is the aspect of promoting that can be difficult. You have to know how to interact with your client base. what platform are they most active on? when are they most active? what types of post do they respond to? All of these questions you will have to know the answer to in order to develop this strategy. Doing anything haphazardly will be a waste of time and lead to frustration.

The R&B Management Group can help you build your brand through an effective promotional strategy. Reach out to us through the comments section or our official website for more information.


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