Business of Branding: Protecting Your Brand

Branding2During the month of November the R&B Management Group has continued the focus on teaching clients how to effectively identify, develop and promote their brand. This week, we are looking at ways that company’s can protect their brand to ensure that undue damage is not being done to the organization you are building.

With this branding series we’ve focused on how the use of social media can define and promote your brand. However, as easily and quickly you can use those tools in the positive manner; they can also cause extensive damage to your brand as well. At the same time, that damage doesn’t even have to come from your own outlets. The fact of the matter is that business people must be cognizant of the damage that can be done with these once thought to be harmless platforms.

The first step is to be aware of what messages are being sent out from your company handles. With so many controversial and joking topics being placed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter it’s very easy to re-share or comment on a post that will offend someone in some fashion. That offense can translate into a loss of future support that no business owner should be willing to overlook. Stay away from hot bed conversations or any interaction based in opinion. Using your company media outlets to address these conversations will have long term negative affects. At the same time, if your personal accounts are closely linked to those of your business nature, the same type of involvement can cause damage in the same way.

social-media-seo-logosThe second step is the use of tools that allow you to monitor when your company is mentioned on social media. Platforms such as Google Alerts or Mentions allow you to search for any comment that talks about your brand. From there, you can respond to that person from your business platform. These tools are important because you can address any negativity or promote any praise that you’re received for services. Any type of press isn’t always good press but the way you respond to it can become great press once you realize what is being said.

Protecting your brand is just as important as building and promoting it. Watching what you do and what others say about you will allow you to safe guard the work that you’re doing. Without it, there’s a good chance that one false move can cause damage that everyone wants to avoid.


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