Business of Branding: The Recap

BrandingFor the month of November the R&B Management Group has taken a look at several different factors that come within the Business of Branding. While the buzz word may be relatively new, the action itself isn’t and can be easily navigated by any cognizant business person. Here is a recap on the three areas that we focused on this month:

Defining Your Brand

What do you want your company to be known for? When someone sees your organization’s logo what is the first thing that they think of? Better yet, when someone thinks of the services that your company provides, do they think of your company before any of your competitors? These are the questions that must be answered when you work to define your brand. By using your social media outlets wisely and the services that you provide on a daily basis you can build an identity that resounds with your customers for a long period of time.

Promoting Your Brand

Once you’ve established who your brand will be identified it’s time to let the world know exactly what you can do. Promoting your brand is much easier than many believe and there are many opportunities to come up with original ideas to show your worth. As mentioned, using your social media tools to interacted and present the world with what you’re doing is one way to promote your brand effectively. Other ideas can be found throughout the business world as well. For example, if you’ve seen the Geek Squad cars driving around the highway that is one prominent way If you’ve seen the Geek Squad cars driving around the highway, that’s one prominent example as how a company has effectively promoted their brand within their industry.

Protecting Your Brand

brandOne of the overlooked areas when it comes to branding is how a company has to work double time to protect what they have built. As we mentioned, the instant access and spreading of content online means that one misstep can be spread at a moment’s notice. So it’s your job to avoid putting out a bad message at all costs. If that does occur the next steps are to use the tools available to you to get out in front of the problem. The same way your social media tools are used to promote your brand, they must be used to protect your brand as well.

As you get ready to crowd around table for Thanksgiving be sure that you’re doing your best to develop, promote and protect your brand. Yes, it’s the holidays but that doesn’t mean you can take time off in the world of business development.


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