Developing Your Social Media Strategy

social-media-seo-logosSocial media excellence has become one of the keys to developing a strong company brand. With so many different tools that are available for online promotion many companies and individuals are lost when it comes to creating their social media content strategy. With that in mind the R&B Management Group is looking at ways that you can take charge in developing the strategy that meets your needs.

Establish Your Goals

As with many things in life and business, establishing the goals of the campaign should be the first step that is tackled. Are you trying to build a following? Drive traffic to a website? Generate revenue through sales? All of these steps are important when building your strategy and will determine what platforms that are needed. For example, YouTube is a fantastic tool that can help develop a following if you consistently upload new videos. Twitter and Facebook are key if you’re working to drive traffic to a particular website. Each social media platform has a specific use that must be merged together based on your goals.

Stay Consistent

One of the biggest hurdles with using social media for a specific content strategy is that many individuals don’t know when to post materials and often fall out of habit of doing so. Staying consistent if one of the best ways to cultivate an audience that looks to hear from you. For example, if you have a company blog that updates every Tuesday morning users are going to know when to look for new content which should generate the traffic you’re looking for. Jenna Marbles is one of the more prominent YouTube personalities around and she is very consistent with uploading new videos every Wednesday. This practice plays a part in the high number of hits that her videos always receive week in and week out.

Real Interactions

An aspect of social media usage that makes the platforms so enticing to users is the way that it has become easy to engage with others across these platforms. Twitter makes it quite easy to talk to clients or anyone else who addresses your brand. As you develop your social media strategy engage those that are already influential in your industry while responding to anything that is sent to your handles. As the “voice” of your brand is heard more often more people will look to see what you have to say.

Social media content strategies can really help drive traffic and build your voice through the Internet. With so many different tool s ready for your quick and easy use, developing your own strategy needs just a few simple steps. We can hel you develop your social media content strategy at the R&B Management Group.




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