Update on “The Promoters” documentary

The Promoters LogoThe R&B Management Group has been working hard to continue working on our documentary chronicling the world of night life promotions. With that in mind we’re providing an update on the progress of “The Promoters.”

As the season changes from the cold and brutal winter that many endured to the exciting time of spring and summer, the desire to go out and party seems to hit everyone harder. With that in mind “The Promoters” is expected to kick off the first series of shoots to create the first season looking into the night life industry.

Current plans are for the taping of a major event within the Washington DC metro area during the big July 4th weekend. This is an important party time that kicks off some of the biggest events of the summer. While “The Promoters” won’t reveal the exact group or event that is planned at this time; it’s worth noting that the production is planned with one of the premiere groups in the area and top night life venues in the DMV area.

From March to May we ran an Indiegogo campaign with the hopes of raising $3000 for the production of the show. Unfortunately we were unable to raise the funds requested but we did gather a large amount of attention and support for our efforts. With that improved direction and a growing list of connections, “The Promoters” is clearly headed in the right direction.

Plans are to debut the first season of “The Promoters” during early to late August. Keep an eye out for the R&B Management Group to release information about the show through all of our social media channels.


The Relaunch of the R&B Management Group


In September 2011 the R&B Management Group was formed as the brain child of Raphael Garcia and Bryan Parker. Nearly two years later the initial experience within the entertainment management industry has caused the partners to take a moment to refocus and relaunch their efforts. So, June 2013 the two came together to reset their foundation and get back to the goals they initially had in mind.

The R&B Management Group is a consulting and management firm that is focused to help in a number of areas.

Our expertise within the project management realm and we are committed to helping our clients complete their ventures to match their vision. Our consulting services will allow you to take advantage of our industry contacts to help place you with the individuals and opportunities needed to move forward.

Client management was the goal that got the R&B Management Group off the ground but after further consideration spawned the need for other services. As a firm we are willing to assist approved clients in managing their career within specific industries. These management services will be tailored to each client to help push their career in the direction expected.

Promotional and public relations services will go hand in hand as we will look to help push our clients to the public in the best light possible. Media coverage in today’s society can either make or break your position within the industry and it’s our goal to get you the best coverage possible.

Writing services are the final consulting service package available from the R&B Management Group. With nearly a decade of professional writing experience under our belt, we are available to help you complete any project that demands high level writing. We’ve covered a wide variety of topics and those experiences will help complete your work as well.

The relaunch of the R&B Management Group had been created to give our client base the best group of consulting and management services available. We care how far you go and with our services you will get there.